Friday, October 8, 2010

Status PNS Masih Jadi Impian

Status as Civil Servants (PNS) is currently quite high and still be a dream for someone. Primarily, those who already hold a degree or graduates from high school (SMU), Vocational School (SMK) or other equivalent school.

As disclosed Ari, one of the following vacancies Prospective applicants for Civil Servants (CPNS) Attorney General's Office, 2010, in the office of the High Court (High Attorney), Central Java at Jalan Pahlawan Semarang, recently.

Ari said, now increasingly narrow job opportunities so that he dabbled CPNS sign up if there are vacancies. This opportunity for him and thousands of other applicants, is the first step to become a servant of the state.

Residents Solo was added, if it has become a civil servant, can guarantee the life itself. Previously, Ari has worked in one of private enterprise in their regions. However, because it is not comfortable with the company, he decided to come out.

"I am willing to come from early in the morning from Solo to get the serial number of the selection committee in order to submit a file CPNS and completing the necessary requirements. I want to pursue success in the future. For exam preparation, I have trained to answer questions likely to exit the exam on October 12 next, such as general knowledge questions as well as exact sciences, "he said.

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