Friday, October 8, 2010

Lowongan CPNS BNN dan BKKBN Juga Buka

CPNS test is organized by the national committee. But for people who are interested can follow Bengkulu registration in accordance with the provisions.
Known Formation CPNS BNN requires 466.

Registration file sent through PT Pos. The address CPNS BNN Procurement Committee, Civil Service Bureau Organization Settama BNN BNN LT 2010 in Building 7 Jl MT Haryono No. 11 Cawang - East Jakarta 13630.
Applications received by the Committee no later than October 11, 2010.

Of 466 requirements, formation were most needed was a graduate of the S-1 Law Department of Criminal Justice. Total requirement 100 CPNS.

In the application, participants must complete an application with the requirements of completeness is made within 2 (two) copies and each must be registered by the authorities.

Consist of administrative completeness letter of application, and attach a statement could be placed in the NKRI.

CPNS BNN own selection is done by using knockout, including the examination requirements for administrative, educational qualifications and age, examinations or tests of academic ability (Written Exam) includes, general knowledge test (TPU), scholastic aptitude tests (TBS), a test of maturity scale (TSK .)

In addition, interviews and health tests for students who passed the exams of academic ability tests. For more information, can be opened directly wibesite with the address.

In order to fill the vacancy formation CPNS Fiscal Year 2010, as stipulated by the Decree of the Minister of PAN and RB, Number 207 Year 2010 about Formation PNS BKKBN Fiscal Year 2010, dated August 31, 2010, BKKBN Bengkulu open opportunities for people interested in the environment into CPNS BKKBN.

Special provisions for the enthusiast that is certified according to the classification of education required for state university graduates (State University) or universities (private universities) that have been accredited A or B with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

then, for those who are married with children up to 2 persons Terms of registration, participants must register online through the site start date of 5 to October 12, 2010. Online registration includes the charging of personal data.

While the application file is sent through the PO Box as the proposed location consists of, proof of online registration (obtained after the applicant fill out the data on the application form, complete and correct).

Cover letter handwritten and signed by the applicant using black ink, addressed to the Head of BKKBN to mention the proposed position.

Copies of diplomas and academic transcripts that have been legalized wet stamp (original stamp and signature of Dean / Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs / Program Director / Rector) and certificate of accreditation for the diplomas do not include accreditation.

Map included in a sealed envelope and sent to PO BOX that has been determined by the committee by the deadline date of October 21, 2010 (postmarked). More information can be accessed at the website with alamat.www.

From the morning, the Office of the High Court in Jalan Padang Harapan Bengkulu met potential participants CPNS test in Supreme Court (MA). Watchlist BE every registrant must go through several stages. That is the measurement of height, the computer tests and menyerahan completeness of the file.

One of the registrant, Hafiz (25) said he was from early morning to come to the High Court. Various equipment has been prepared.
He hoped that the implementation of environmental tests at the MA CPNS transparan.Saya CPNS acceptance can expect the implementation of transparent because the process of registering its course take a long time, he explained.

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