Thursday, December 18, 2008

Earn a Promotion in a Year

by Margaret Steen,

If a promotion is one of your goals for the next year, are you doing everything you can to make it happen?

It would be nice if hard work and talent would automatically lead to a job with more pay, more responsibility, and a better title. But in most cases, it takes more than that to move to the next level.

Make Yourself Known

Look at the job you'd like to have a year from now. Who selects candidates for this position? Who does that person work with and ask for advice?

"Then you systematically sit down and think about how you're going to make contact," says Helen Harkness, founder of Career Design Inc., in Dallas. There are lots of ways to do this. You can volunteer to serve on a committee with the people you need to know, for example. You can forward them articles or information that relate to their expertise.

Help Your Boss Succeed

Often, your boss is the person who will decide if you'll be promoted. But even if not, your boss will almost certainly be consulted. So impressing your boss is a top priority.

Marianne Adoradio, a recruiter and career counselor in Silicon Valley, suggests focusing on your company's key goals, then talking with your boss to find out which are most important in your department. "It's really important to be aware of what is going to make your boss successful, what is most important to him or her."

Start Doing the Job

You don't want to stage an office coup and start making personnel decisions that are your boss' responsibility. But you need to show that you can work at a higher level than your current position.

"People are easily promoted when they show that they can already do parts of the job they want to move into," says Steve Levin, principal of Leading Change Consulting & Coaching, in Portola Valley, California. "If you want to move from being a manager to a group manager, start taking on responsibility for what a group manager does. Start thinking like they do."

Then you can make the case that "I'm already doing the job; I just need the title."

"That's pretty irresistible to your boss," Levin says.

Have a Plan B

Many people think there's a system in place at work that will take care of them and their career path, Harkness says. "They expect it to happen 1-2-3, automatically. They do the right thing, and they're going to get that promotion. It doesn't work that way."

In fact, Harkness says, it can happen that "you do everything you're supposed to do and it doesn't work." It's important to understand that the workplace is uncertain -- and to know what your backup plan is if you don't get the promotion you want.

If the promotion was a stretch and your boss is encouraging even while turning you down, it may be worth spending another year gaining experience. But you may also want to explore career options outside the company
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Most Promising Places to Start a New Career

by Amelia Gray, FindTheRightSchool
All things being equal, where you live can make a huge difference in what you earn. Whether you're ready to make a move to a new city or you want to choose an education that fits the needs of your hometown, career training can make a big difference to your wallet.

When it comes to marketing your degree, the old axiom for real estate holds true -- it's all about location, location, location. Check out these top degrees available online, matched with some of their best areas nationwide and earnings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Associate Degree: Medical Assisting

The BLS has medical assistants on its list of fastest-growing careers through 2016, with about 148,000 new jobs expected to enter the field in the coming years. A short, two-year associate degree is considered proper training for this growing health care industry career.

Top Industry: Physicians' offices hire the most medical assistants by far, with mean annual earnings of $28,460 in 2007. However, specialty hospitals paid more, at $31,860.

Top Location: Areas with high levels of retirement communities, such as Arizona and Florida, are expected to see an influx of career opportunities for medical assistants. Look for locations with hospitals, nursing care centers, and physicians' offices.

Bachelor's Degree + Certificate: Teaching

Career training to become a teacher means playing a direct role in the next generation. A bachelor's degree plus teacher certification is the typical path for most teachers, though some school districts require teachers to complete a master's degree within a certain period after hire. Areas of high growth are typically good for teaching occupations.

Top Industry: Secondary school teachers make more than preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school teachers, with mean annual earnings of $52,450. Vocational education teachers at the secondary level aren't far behind.

Top Location: The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics reports that Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Georgia will experience the greatest student enrollment increases. Job prospects for teachers are expected to be better in rural and inner city areas than suburban locations.

Certificate: Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Want to work in the legal industry but wary about years of law school education? Career training programs for paralegals and legal assistants put you in law offices and businesses, assisting lawyers as they build cases and protect assets.

Top Industry: Though the vast majority of trained paralegals and legal assistants work in the legal industry and saw mean annual earnings of $46,110 in 2007, those working in the federal government earned $59,180.

Top Location: The District of Columbia is the top-paying employer nationwide for paralegals and legal assistants, with mean annual earnings of $57,450. The tiny district also had the highest concentration of workers in the field in the nation.

Master's Degree: MBA in Finance

The popular MBA takes a technical turn with a finance concentration. Forbes cites finance degrees on its list of most lucrative college majors, noting a salary growth that soars over $84,000 for those with 10 or more years of experience. You may see even more impressive earnings if you're smart about your industry and location.

Top Industry: Personal financial advisors see a lot of success in the legal services industry, where mean annual earnings were $103,990 in 2007.

Top Location: New York has long been known as a financial hub, and for good reason. Financial analysts working in the state saw mean annual earnings of $100,350 in 2007. That same year, personal financial advisors in the state earned $131,660.

Bachelor's Degree: Computer Engineering

This high-tech degree is in high demand -- Forbes calls it the most lucrative college major available, and even graduates with a bachelor's degree and up to five years of experience earn a whopping average salary of $60,500.

Top Industry: Computer engineers break out of the cubicle in scientific research and development services, a top-paying industry for systems software engineers with annual mean earnings of $102,790.

Top Location: California remains the go-to state for IT professionals, with applications engineers earning $95,820. However, systems software engineers in Virginia earned a whopping $101,850 in 2007, making the southern state a six-figure surprise location for computer engineers.

Earnings vary greatly based on experience and education, and your experience may vary, but an education can be the best way to secure employment in these challenging, growing, lucrative fields.

Amelia Gray is a freelance writer in Austin, Texas. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from Arizona State University and an MFA from Texas State University.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Kesempatan Kerja

Kesempatan Kerja

Lintasarta membuka kesempatan kerja untuk posisi Account Executive.


Adapun syarat-syaratnya sbb. :


1.      Keahlian Teknis:

           Mengetahui tentang Komunikasi Data

           Dapat mengoperasikan komputer min. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice

           Mampu melakukan analisa, evaluasi dan laporan kerja


2.      Keahlian Non Teknis :

           Mempunyai kemampuan berkomunikasi dengan baik

           Mempunyai jiwa sales yang tinggi

           Mempunyai kemampuan presentasi

           Mempunyai kemampuan bernegosiasi

           Mempunyai relasi dan wawasan yang luas

           Berpenampilan menarik

           Bersedia bekerja dalam target

           Bersedia bekerja dengan sistem komisi

           Mempunyai Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris baik lisan maupun tulisan


3.      Pendidikan & Pengalaman:

          Minimal D3 dari semua jurusan

Diutamakan yang mempunyai pengalaman minimal 1 tahun di bidang sales


4.      Usia : maksimum 30 tahun


Bagi yang memenuhi syarat-syarat tsb. diatas dapat mengajukan surat lamaran dan mengisi Formulir Lamaran.


Petunjuk pengisian Formulir Lamaran:

  • Silakan download file Formulir Lamaran
  • Isi file sesuai dengan data pribadi Anda
  • Save dengan format: AE_Nama Lengkap_Tgl, bln & thn Lahir (misalnya: AE_Santi Dewanti_170877
  • E-mail dengan SUBJECT: AE_Nama Lengkap_Tgl, bln & thn Lahir ke alamat

Pelaksanaan rekrutmen


Bagi calon pelamar yang memenuhi syarat yang akan di proses dan akan dipanggil untuk mengikuti proses rekrutmen.


Silakan baca petunjuk berikut untuk memperlancar pelaksanaan rekrutmen.

Petunjuk pelaksanaan rekrutmen:

  • Rekrutmen akan dimulai pada pukul 08.00 WIB sampai dengan selesai (sekitar pukul 17.00 WIB).
  • Harap tiba di lokasi 15 menit sebelum rekrutmen dimulai.
  • Pada saat rekrutmen, Pelamar diminta membawa Perlengkapan berikut:
    • Keterangan diri asli (KTP/SIM)
    • Pas Foto 3x4, berwarna atau hitam putih (2 lembar)
  • Pada saat rekrutmen kenakan pakaian rapi dan sopan :
    • Laki-laki: kemeja lengan panjang, celana panjang kain
    • Perempuan: blus/blazer/kemeja lengan panjang, celana panjang/rok kain

Atas partisipasi Saudara kami ucapkan terima kasih dan Semoga Sukses!

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