Friday, October 8, 2010

Batam Jobs provide 3460 jobs

BATAM: Batam Jobs supported by at least 39 companies for 12 to 14 October 2010 provides more than 3460 jobs.

"Until now, the job data provided by as many as 3460 jobs. And this will increase because there are no data that have not arrived," says Head of Department of Labor Batam Riau Islands Province Rudi Sakyakirti.

Jobs Batam 2010 Department of Labor held in Batam in Batam Polytechnic Building from 0.12 to 14 October. Until today, companies that have signed up to participate as much as 39 units, which is engaged in electronics, shipbuilding, retail, and services.

Companies that have registered, among others, Matahari Department Store and KFC.

Rudi expects the stock that can reduce urban unemployment. "Application is open to applicants with high school education level, D-3, S-1 to S-2. It's all there," he said.

The city government did not provide specific requirements for applicants who want to find work in Batam. Anyone can participate, because it is open to owners of national ID cards, not only for the air-KTP Batam.

In addition to be placed in Batam, Batam Jobs also distribute labor to Bintan, Lobam, Karimun and Malaysia.

Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan expect the job market to reduce unemployment in Batam.

He said the fact there are many vacancies in Batam, but for the specification have the skill or skills. "Batam still need more workers with skills," he said.

Conversely, many job seekers from other regions who come to Batam has no special skills, so be unemployed upon arrival at the industrial city. (MFM)
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