Friday, October 8, 2010

Lowongan CPNS di Kejati Diserbu Ribuan Pendaftar

Semarang, CyberNews. Job Candidate procurement of Civil Servants (CPNS) at the High Court (High Attorney), Central Java in Jalan Pahlawan, which opened Tuesday (5 / 10) started invaded thousands of applicants. The reason is, just a few hours just opened up such vacancy, the total number distributed to the registrant of the committee has reached number 600.

The Civil Service job candidates, according to Attorney General Letter No. CPNS peng.001/C.4/CP.2/09/2010 of procurement, a total of 1583 formation. While the formation opened, the candidates for the post of SI education attorney with the Law, a computer operator with D III Computer Science education, verification of education finance with D III Accounting.

Meanwhile, for the post of Administration Case with D III Administrative education, education Pranata PR with D III Communications, security detainees and material evidence with equal high school education. For drivers of vehicles inmates, high school education or equivalent specialized male.

The number of candidates for the post of prosecutor at least 150 people, 142 people for a computer operator, as the financial verification of 110 people. For the formation pegadministrasian case there are 40 people, there is the public relations institution of 31 people, security detainees and evidence the driver of vehicle 650 and as many as 460 detainees.

The general persyarat for those who want to register CPNS, at least aged 18 years and maximum 35 years. The opening of registration will be closed until Friday, (8 / 10) in the Office of the High Attorney. As for ujiannnya participants will be held on Tuesday, (12/10) future.

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