Friday, October 8, 2010

Lowongan CPNS Mulawarman mesotheliomaUniversitas Bula

Report: Amir Pallawa Rukka.
FRIDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2010 | 16:08 pm
MAKASSAR, Reuters - Mulawarman (Umm) East Kalimantan hiring candidates for civil service (CPNS) to 21 staff lecturers and technical staff.

The academic qualifications required of lecturers namely statistics, chemical engineering, environmental health, management, science communication, education and agriculture, water resource management, legal science, technology, pharmaceutical, farmasetica, language and English literature, penjakes, chemistry, engineering informatics, physiology.

Technicians who have the academic qualifications required ie accounting, legal science, and state administration.

Namely the registration requirements

1. Minimum age of 18 (eighteen) years, a maximum of 35 (thirty five) years on October 1, 2010 which is determined by date of birth listed on STTB / diploma that is used as the basis for the appointment;

2. Identity cards;

3. Photocopy of diploma S1 and S2 must be linear in accordance with the required academic qualifications (eg academic qualifications S2 Legal Studies, the academic qualifications must S1 Legal Studies) and may not be the Certificate or statement that states that have passed;

4. Index point average (GPA) for Academic and Professional education level S1 and S2 minimum 2.75 minimum 3.00

5. Applicants must come in person should not be represented because it must fill out the biographical data at time of application.

Clearer information regarding registration can be found at

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