Friday, October 8, 2010

Kerja DKI 2010 Sediakan 2.500 Lowongan

JAKARTA (Suara Karya): Office of Manpower and Transmigration (Disnakertrans) DKI Jakarta DKI synergize with DPD KNPI again held a job market (job fair) at Gedung Dhanapala Kementeriaan Office of Finance, 9-10 November 2010. This job fair is expected to deliver 2500 jobs.Kerja DKI 2010 Sediakan 2.500 Lowongan  

The high rates of unemployment in the capital, which currently reaches 537,470 people, become a serious problem that must be handled Jakarta Government. If not, then it has the potential to impact on wider social issues, such as the increasing acts of criminality. In the Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 1 Year 2008 on the Medium Term Development Plan Area (RPJMD), every year Jakarta government should be able to push the unemployment rate at least 1 percent.
Dept. of Manpower and Transmigration (Disnakertrans) DKI Deded Sukandar explained, to reach the target is not easy, it is considering the rapid rate of urbanization and continued bergulirnya school graduation rates resulted in the number of seekers with jobs available is not balanced. "In the midst of economic competition and growing business, business will be more selective sorting of human resources (HR) is recruits," said Deded, Friday (8 / 10).
Deded further added, in the provision of employment, various attempts were made, including by holding a job fair activities (job fair). "By 2010, the event titled" Jakarta Job Fair "was held over two days, namely November 9 to 10 in the building Dhanapala, building the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta," said Deded.
At least 75 companies will be involved in activities that are targeted to be able to provide employment to 2500 people. "Through this job fair, we want to facilitate job seekers to get the job according to their talents, interests, and capabilities," he said.
Several large companies, said Deded, has also been registered in one of the largest job fair event, among them PT Sriwijaya Air, Auto 2000, the Bank, and Bank Danamon. In addition, the planned activities of this job fair will be opened Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo.
This job fair, said Deded, will provide many benefits, in addition to helping companies get the workers in accordance with company requirements, also can be obtained information directly tendency of quality job seekers at the DKI and the types of jobs available.

Chairman of the Council of the National Committee of Indonesian Youth (KNPI) DKI Arief Rahman admitted pleased to be involved in the activities of the job market this year. It is considering a lot of unemployment among the youth which incidentally is still in their productive age. "We expect this kind of activity can take place regularly," he said. (Yon Parjiyono)

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