Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PT Smith Tool Indonesia

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PT Smith Tool Indonesia, a PMA company owned by Smith International, Inc. is a world leader servicing the petroleum drilling industry. As a result of our continued growth in Indonesia, we have immediate career opportunity for HSE/QA Manager with the following requirement:


• Minimum 3-4 years experience and graduated from University.
• Responsible for continual implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the QHSE Management System to promote a QHSE Culture Carry out relevant inspection on product.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
• Understand the concepts of Risk analysis probability.
• Possess knowledge of established QHSE audit techniques and principles.
• Be able to effectively conduct QHSE orientation for new employees and ensure all employees have received required QHSE training.
• Be able to collect, store and interpret data of the Smith record keeping systems.
• Define environmental aspects of the facility and risk estimation areas of significant risk and spill response.
• Demonstrate an understanding of workplace inspections.
• Demonstrate an understanding of incident investigation.
• Understand what an emergency response plan is, what it is intended to do and posses the ability to conduct emergency drills.
• Understand the company Disability management program.
• Understand the evaluation process for occupational hygiene for e.g. air and noise.
• Identify common signs and symptoms that contribute to workplace musculoskeletal injuries.
• Oversee the C/PAR System (Corrective/Preventive Action Request), inclusive of tracking status of open actions, receiving and reviewing responses, working with departments for timely completion and periodic reports to management.
• Maintain a working knowledge of government and industry QHSE regulations and requirements.
• Provide the QHSE Regional Manager with QHSE statistics in a timely manner.
• Conduct safety meetings.
• Carry out QHSE Training.

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