Tuesday, November 11, 2008

interview tips

For those of you who called for a job interview, you should consider some suggestions below.
Make sure you know where the interview. Suggested a few days before the interview, you already know the place, even already see the place.
If not told beforehand what type of clothing that must be used, then use the formal clothes, clean and tidy.
Read the back of applications, your CV, and summons the interview. Do not forget to bring your letters or documents and equipment write the time of the interview.

Prepare to answer the various questions that may be the interviewer asked. You should practice with colleagues to anticipate all possible questions that will get the interviewer, so that any questions submitted can be answered with satisfaction.
You can use the "list / example questions" (click) on this site to practice answering with your partners.
Before departing to a place interviews, the first line on your confidence.

Try to arrive ten minutes early, if forced too late because no interruption in travel immediately inform the company (the interviewer). However, do not earn too late, because many companies that failed to finish when you are late.

But satpam or receptionist that you met with a friendly.
If you must fill out a form, fill with a complete and orderly.
Greetings (good morning / afternoon / evening) to the interviewer, and if you need to shake hands, jabatlah closely with (not too hard but not weak).
Remain standing until you are welcome to sit. Sit with a vertical position and balanced.

Prepare an application letter, your CV, and summons the interview.
Remember the good name of the interviewer.
Make eye contact with the interviewer.
Keeping the focus on the questions asked the interviewer.
Show your enthusiasm and interest in the position that dilamar and on the company.

Use the formal language, not jargon or language Stop; interviewed unless you are able to use such language.
Show the positive things that you never achieve.
Show the energy and confidence high, but do not effectively boastful or arrogant. Many who failed only because of constant boastful, arrogant, or quasi know.

Indicate what you can do to companies that can not be given to you by the company.
Describe as detailed as possible the things asked by the interviewer.
Ask some questions about the quality of your work and the company's business in general.

Speaking with a strong enough voice so clearly heard by the interviewer.
End the interview by asking what should you do next.
Speak many thanks to the interviewer for their time and the opportunity given to you

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